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The Originator of the silverware cylinder

Steril-Sil was founded by Edward A. Stiller in 1938 on a new concept to the foodservice industry, silverware dispensing products.  Steril-Sil is the originator of the silverware cylinder which to this day is the industry and world-wide standard.  The silverware cylinder and the original TC-4 countertop dispenser were the company's first products.  After 78+ years, Edward Stiller's 1938 silverware cylinder design and countertop dispensers are still in wide use.

For over 78 years, we have never wavered from the commitment of providing the highest quality equipment.  Our products are made in the Northeast and distributed through a large network of equipment dealers throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. Warehouse stock is maintained on all countertop items for immediate shipment.

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